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How can I use ATV to operate a single phase motor? how can I change the speed of single phase motor via ATV11 / ATV12 / ATV312 / ATV71**M3 drives?

Causes and Fixes
·         If it is a 3-phase motor with capacitor to reconstitute a phase, remove the capacitor and connect U, V, W to the motor.
·         If it's a true single phase asynchronous motor correct operation is not guaranteed in order to start, a second winding is inserted in the stator with a shift of 90°. This auxiliary phase is supplied with a phase difference (capacitor or inductance), once the starting is finished this auxiliary phase can be suppressed.
·         If the motor is equipped with a capacitor this should be removed just after the starting (risk of overheating due to the switching frequency).
·         Verify that the motor has an insulation class sufficient to sustain the DC voltage bus voltage                        (mains voltage *SQR2)
·         Connect the motor to U and W.
·         Enter the motor nameplate data (UNS,FRS, NCR, NSP),
·         Set the the switching frequency at minimum
·         Choose the Volts/Hertz law
·         Deactivate the sensing of output phase loss: OPL=no
·         Reduce UFR
·         For the first try, set a acceleration time that is not too short (>5s)
  • Altivar VFD’s should be selected based upon current rating of motor.
Remarks :
Correct working is not guaranteed because the Altivar 11 / 31 / 71 are optimized for three-phase
Connection Diagram :
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