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We are using the continuum software v1.93 and we need to assign alarm enrollment to the infinity input points but the alarm tab is disabled. What is the problem?

Points on BACnet systems use BACnet alarms not the Continuum alarms, so as shown in the screenshot the Continuum alarms are correctly greyed out.
Alarms can be applied to regular Continuum points (Netcontroller and i2 points) using the 8 alarm links on the Alarm tab, for BACnet points as shown in the screenshot, to conform to the BACnet standard they do not support the Continuum alarming method, so are greyed out.
To create an alarm on a BACnet point you need to create an Event Enrollment in the controller that defines the alarm condition and is linked to the point you want to alarm on.
There needs to be 1 Event Enrollment created for each point to be alarmed.
Then also in the Event Enrollment, you define the Event Notification it will use to display / distribute the alarm. Multiple Event Enrollments can use 1 Event Notification if required.
Further information on BACnet alarming is available in the Online help installed with the Continuum application (Help, Contents from the Explorer view) or also your training course notes will cover how to setup BACnet alarming.
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