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The function and application of lighting switches ?

Switches and selector switches
● Control (On/Off) of circuits with resistive loads, inductive
loads and small motors (lighting with incandescent and
fluorescent lamps and transformers, fans, vacuum cleaners,
power socket control, etc.).
● Control devices with a locator or indicator lamp include
a LED lamp connected inside. These devices are available
in 2 versions:
○ items with a blue locator lamp, for night-time identification
in reduced light conditions or complete darkness, for example
corridors, stairways, etc. (ref. finishes in N). In this case,
the lamp indicates that the load is connected but on standby:
when the load is in operation, the lamp is off
○ items with an amber indicator lamp for indication of load in
operation (ref. finishes in S). The lamp indicates that the load
is in operation
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