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What are the various parts included in the LAD91217 Star Delta connection kit.
The different parts contained in the LAD91217 Star Delta connection kit is as shown in the below figure.
How to use Write_Var block with BMXNOC0401 communication module?
See below an example of Write_Var block for writing Modbus slave data through ETG100 gateway.​ In ADDM block '0.3.0{}1.TCP.MBS' where...
What is the led status of STBNIP2212 module?
Check the attached help document for the led status of STBNIP2212 module.
What are the different license sizes of Unity Pro 11 ?
Unity Pro V11 is available in 3 different sizes :  S, L, XL The only difference between sizes S, L, XL  is the supported controller  references. Supported...
Why I could not find License of Unity Pro M ( medium ) version for Unity Pro 11 ?
As 'M ' - Medium unity pro version is no more available since Unity Pro V8.0 so these references does not exist any more. So option is to go with...
How to use MGU3.511.xx?
find attaced 
What is the area of application for the electronic dimmer MGU3.511.xx?
Area of application ● Regulation of different loads (see load table) for homes and buildings. ● Suitable for renovation as it allows replacement of...
How to connect dimmer MGU3.510.xx?
Please find attached.
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