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Electrical Energy
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    Electrical Energy solution: 33/11 KV unmanned outdoor substations for overhead network




    Value proposition

    Main driver:

    • Cost of manned substations
    • Growing MV electrical distribution network
    • 95% of the network is overhead
    • Increase of network quality based underground network and prefabricated substations

    Customer Benefit / value proposition

    Compared to conventional indoor manned substations, the outdoor unmanned substations bring:

    • 100% lower operating cost (no need of operator)
    • 30% lower space needed (no space in cities)
    • 20% lower construction cost and shorter time to build (no civil work)
    • 20% lower cost for remote control based on secured communication media


    Differentiation factors

    • A standardised turn-key substation offer
    • Short development time and low maintenance



    Main characteristics

    • Important growth potential especially in country with extended overhead network


    Targeted Countries :

    • China, India, Russia, Brazil, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam

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    Solution breakdown

    Main services:
    • Commissioning
    • Installation
    • Refurbishment / revamping
    Main products & systems:
    MV network control and monitoring:
    • Communicative breaker control cubicles: Advanced Controllers (ADVC)
    • Windows Switchgear Operating System (WSOS): remote configuration, control and monitoring of reclosers
    • GPRS mobile communication media