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Energy Efficiency


          Main drivers

          Main drivers

          • Guest delight & differentiation are top priorities - In a competitive environment, it is critical to differentiate versus the competion through innovation & design. Each hotel brand must have its own identity so that the guest will be willing to visit it again.


          • With the rising cost of energy, efficiency has become critical to achieve a sustainable business.


          • Safety & security are rising concerns with hotels becoming a potential target of terorism activities.


          • Respect of the environment is more and more taken into account as a company responsability. The hotel staff & guests are also becoming much more sensitive to this issue.

          What can Schneider Electric do?


          As Schneider Electric has developed strongly in the last few years, we now represents up to 10% of an hotel construction. Talking into account this amount of business, we are working with the hotel players  to ensure the best optimized offer for their hotels.


          Guest delight is the first priority. To create a unique atmosphere to welcome the guest, to ensure his comfort as well as to provide the latest innovation to keep him connected is the key for a high occupancy rate and return on investment.


          As the electrical distribution of the hotel may not be seen as a main focus for the hotelier & the hotel investor, the ability of Schneider Electric to ensure their peace of mind through a reliable system, continuity of service, safety & security is a real added value for them in order to stay focus on their core competency : hospitality.


          With the rising cost of energy and the complexity of the systems in the hotels, operational excellence is the third value proposal of Schneider Electric. Through Energy Efficiency, we are able to reduce the energy consumption in the hotel. With our integrated systems and our experience in VDI, we are able to simplify and optimize the installation inside the hotel to improve the data flow, make it easier to maintain and operate.


          Key applications for Energy Efficiency


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