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Energy Efficiency

          Industrial Building

          Main drivers

          Main drivers

          • Operation/overhead cost reduction from 3 to 15%
          • Industrial competitiveness
          • National energy efficiency regulations and standards compliance
          • Incentives to install efficient loads
          • Green tax avoidance
          • Operation & maintenance or facility management outsourcing
          • Corporate image - environmental stewardship

          What can Schneider Electric do?

          • Reduce energy costs
          • Reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment life span
          • Focus on your core business by outsourcing building services
          • Get the benefit of increased skills by relying on building services specialists
          • Optimise your core business by outsourcing building services to improve building operation, comfort and sales area availability
          • Improve your image: "Green" facilities, corporate citizenship, environmental stewardship

          Key applications for Energy Efficiency


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          Success Stories

          •   Consistent reduction more than 17% of electricity consumption Kwh/h ...