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Energy Efficiency

            Variable speed drive up to 75 kW for Building HVAC



            Frequency inverters for 3-phase asynchronous motors up to 30 kW for Building HVAC (75kw in september 2006)

            Value proposition



            • 70 to 80% of HVAC applications (Air handling units and cooling towers) are fan applications. Compared to conventional installations, such as motor starter and flow regulation by an outlet valve, AC drives allow you to save up to 50% on energy consumption.
            • On top of that, the energy saving law of the Altivar 21 allows you to optimise the motor control according to the load (air density). This results in a few additional percentage of energy savings.
            • Using ECO8 software you can easily estimate energy savings according to your pump or fan applications and duty cycle.
            • At 80% of nominal flow, the energy consumption is 95% of nominal power with conventional installations instead of 50% with AC drives.
            Value proposition

            Main Energy Efficiency characteristics



            • Open to the main building communication networks: LonWorks, Metasys N2, BACnet, and Apologe FLN.
            • All essential functions for variable torque pumps and fans applications:
              • PI regulator
              • preset PI
              • automatic restart
              • recovery with the flight
              • skip frequencies
              • belt breakage detection
              • overload detection
              • under load detection
            • IP54 version
            • "Harmonic less" and "plug & drive"
            Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

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            Main products & systems:
            • Drives for pumps and fans 0,75 > 75 kW: Altivar 21