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I'm using TSX momentum PLC in our power distribution system ,one of the models is "171CCS76000". Can you advise me what type of software should i use to communicate with the device?

The latest software used with Momentum processor adapters is "Proworx NxT" version 2.5 or higher. In case the processor involved has an old serial number (i.e was programmed using Concept or Modsoft ), Proworx can automatically convert the program to new Proworx formats.

You can find the method for uploading the program on the processor to the PC in the pdf attached.
Also, find attached a list for the supported operating systems.

As for the cable, you can use ( 110 XCA 282 0* ), where you can replace the * with the length of cable required (1= 1m, 2= 3m, 3= 6m).
This is an RS232 (RJ45 to RJ45 ) connector to connect the processor to the PC for programming and simulation.
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