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Can I/NET SEVENSECR software be added a client workstation ?

Yes you can have client workstations in the SEVENSECR Software; you can either have two configurations:

1-File Equalization: File equalization is essential in TAC I/NET Seven systems where multiple host workstations will be used to manage access control or TAC I/NET Seven’s network configuration. It allows host workstations connected to an Ethernet LAN to share certain database information while still maintaining their own TAC I/NET Seven database. File equalization is a function of the SQL server that is installed on TAC I/NET Seven workstations. The SQL server ensures that each individual workstation has up-to-date copies of equalized information.
2-Server/Client Infrastructure:
TAC I/NET Seven's client/server configuration allows multiple workstations connected to an Ethernet LAN to share a single SQL database. Much like file equalization, the client server infrastructure ensures that each participating workstation has up-to-date data

Chapter 1 in the attached I/Net technical manual explains the two configurations in detail
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