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A safety PLC XPSMF3522, the “Fault” LED was “ON” and the PLC was in “STOP” mode, Errors received when trying to download application

if you found the “Fault” LED "ON" and the PLC in "STOP" mode, it's mainly because the configuration is not valid.

It is about the Modbus Master

HIMA plc works as master for a limited period only, after this period we have to purchase Modbus master license, otherwise it will turn to fault state.

Note that: If the Safety PLC is configured as Modbus Master (Configuration is through the software SSV1XPSMFWIN)

To use the Safety PLC as a Modbus Master (TCP/IP or Serial) you must purchase either or both of the following licenses:
Take care:
-Control devices must be for Modbus Master a F3502.
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