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While downloading a Program from Vijeo designer lite to XBTR terminal , It displays No Terminal connected .

To be able to connect and download the program using TSXCUSB485+XBTZ925, you need to install the Uni-Telway driver version 1.8 or later
These drivers are available :
-On terminal Coniguration software CD-ROM
-To order (reference TLX-CDDRV20M)
Below are the reasons why the software may display the message " No terminal connected " :
- The XBT-Z925 cable is not connected correctly.
- The TSX-CUSB485 cable is not connected to the USB port.
- The driver is not configured correctly.
- The TSX-CUSB485 cable driver is not installed.
- The selector switch on the TSX-CUSB485 cable is set to 2 or 3. Transfer is only possible if the selector switch is in position 0 or 1.
- Turn the XBT-Z925(A) cable round as this cable has two cable ends that are not symmetrical. 

 The attached instruction sheet clarifies the correct configuration for the driver

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