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How can the KNX IP touch panel 10" be configured with KNX ETS software?

Basically what you have to do is:
1. Connect the Touch Panel and the KNX/IP-router to the same network and make sure the IP address settings are correct (i.e. belong to the same network).

2. Make setting in the Touch Panel to use "KNXNet/IP Server". This can be done from the TP-visu software or directly on the panel in its menu .

3. The KNX/IP-router works as a (line) coupler which means it has got by default the filter function of group addresses activated (filter table) to limit telegram traffic.

    As the TP normally is not in the ETS (unless you insert it as a dummy and connect group addresses to the dummy), the ETS will not build a valid filter table for the router = telegrams are not routed.
    If telegram traffic is not a problem in you installation you can switch off the filter function in the router by setting  the parametrers:
    Routing (KNX-> IP) / Group telegrams = route
    Routing (IP-> KNX) / Group telegrams = route

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