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Using multiple vista licenses , and when trying to open the workstation , error " Unable to request License " appears

Option 1 - Use multiple .lic files

  1. Since the filenames are the same for all .lic files sent via, you must first rename the files
  2. Put them in the License Files folder
  3. Make sure the license server is pointing to that folder (not an individual file)
  4. Reboot or Stop/Start/Reread license server using the LMTools utility.

Option 2 - Merge into one .lic file

manually consolidate the license files as per the below procedure :

  1. Open the .lic files in Notepad, Wordpad or text editor of your choice.
  2. Verify that each license to be consolidated are entitled to the same MAC address or Dongle.  Line 2 of the files should all have matching "Server This_host xxxxxxxxxxxx"
  3. Chose one of the files to become the "Master"
  4. Copy and paste the "INCREMENT" contents of the files at the end of the "Master"

The final result will be a file with one "Header" and listing all of the features below.

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