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What are the procedures of applying voltage to an ATV after long duration storage?

It is not allowed to give supply directly if the drive is stored for a long duration. It is mandatory to follow capacitor re-forming procedures to power up the drive. The power up procedures are given below for your reference.

As a function of storage duration, you must re-apply voltage progressively to the product to re-form the capacitors. Calculate the storage time from the date code of the product and not from the date of delivery.

1. If Storage time ≤ 1 year :  Apply voltage in the normal way

2. If Storage time between 1 and 2 years :  Apply voltage to the product for 1 hour

3. If Storage time ≥ 2 years : Use a variable AC power supply and apply
- 25% of nominal voltage for 30 min
- 50% of nominal voltage for 30 min
- 75% of nominal voltage for 30 min
- 100% of nominal voltage for 210 min

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