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How can I upload a program from Xenta 280/300/401 controllers ?

When the application file is generated and compiled, it no longer contains any information about the layout or the "yellow boxes".
Therefore, it is not possible to extract a Menta file (.MTA) from the device. However it is possible to upload the compiled information and download it to another device. This way, it is possible to replace a faulty device even if you no longer have the original application
The procedures are illustrated as follows: 

  • Always make sure that you have backup of your application files, as it is not possible to upload the graphical information from the device.
  • To upload the complied application information, you have to start TAC Menta and connect to the actual device via a serial cable.
  1. In TAC Menta, select Options, and Simulate to go to simulate mode.
  2. Select Online.
  3. Select Upload.
  4. Select path and filename. The extension will be *.COD (compiled application file)
  5. Select Save, and the complied application file will be uploaded.

It is not possible to open the *.COD file in edit mode in TAC Menta, you will always have to go to simulate mode before you can open up a stored *.COD file.

To change TAC Menta from Tabular mode to normal mode, just press F5. This requires that you have to open up an existing application file (*.MTA) or select to make a new application.

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