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For ATS48, type 2 co-ordination, what is the exact position of the fuse ? Would it be bypassed or not after starting?

The text "Type 2 coordination is only possible if the fast-acting fuses remain in the motor supply circuit and are not bypassed at the end of starting.It is applicable for M12 size only. It is because the breaker alone is not able to provide coordination 2. So, fuses must stay in the circuit to limit the current and so provide coordination 2 for contactor.

This configuration is only defined for the starter rating M12 with coordination type 2 . The breaker is not able to protect the devices alone , so the fuses must be put after the breaker.

For ATS48 sizes lower than M12, there is no need to keep fuses upstream bypass contactor. On the contrary, there is one advantage if the fuses are bypassed with the contactor : fuses are not loaded by the current and so their life time increases.
For sizes lower than M12, the only condition must be fulfilled. Fuses must be kept in ATS circuit.

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