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How to setup the Ethernet communication in Twido PLC ?

 To allow the PC running TwidoSuite and the Twido controller to communicate over the Ethernet network :

 -Select Preferences :
The following Connections Management dialog box appears:

1 Click the Add button in the Connections Management dialog box.
Result: A new connection line is added. The new line displays suggested
default connection settings. You will need to change these settings.
Note: To set a new value in a field, you have two options:
2 In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for the new connection. A valid
name may contain up to 32 alphnumeric characters.
3 In the Connection Type field, click to unfold the dropdown list that includes:
Serial, Ethernet, and USB (if any).
Select Ethernet as you are setting up a new Ethernet connection between your
PC and an Ethernet-capable Twido controller.


4 In the IP / Phone field, enter a valid IP address which is the IP information of
the Twido controller you wish to connect to.
IP Address: Enter the static IP address that you have previously specified for
your Twido controller.


5 The Punit / Address field can be filled in when IP / Phone has been selected.
For an Ethernet connection, the default Punit/Address value is Direct. This
default must be changed to 1 (or to whatever address you have previously
used for the controller).
Note: If you use an address different than 1, connection is not possible
(whatever the address you configured for Port 1 (see page 355) of the Twido
For a Serial Type connection, default value is Punit. When any of those is
selected, the next three fields (Baudrate, Parity and Stop Bits) are disabled.
If you do not know the controller address, @ allows you to select it later, once
the program has been transferred. (A window pops up before the first
connection to let you choose the controller to which you transfer, with a 1-247
range, and 1 as the default address value.)
6 Use the default settings in Timeout and Break timeout fields, unless you have
specific timeout needs. (For more details, please refer to .)
7 Click the OK button to save the new connection settings and close the
Connections management dialog box.
Result: All newly-added connections are appended in the Preferences
Connections Management table and in the Program Debug Connect
Select a connection table.
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