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What is the solution for a Liquid Level control application ?

Level control relays RM35 LM33MW and RM35 LV14MW control one or two levels with fill or empty function:
_ RM35 LM33MW: control by resistive level probe.
_ RM35 LV14MW: control by discrete sensor.

Application examples for RM35 LM33MW:
_ spring, town, industrial and sea water,
_ metallic salt, acid or base solutions,
_ liquid fertilizers,
_ non concentrated alcohol (< 40 %),
_ liquids in the food-processing industry: milk, beer, coffee, etc.
Application examples for RM35 LV14MW:
_ chemically pure water,
_ fuels, liquid gasses (inflammable),
_ oil, concentrated alcohol (> 40 %),
_ ethylene, glycol, paraffin, varnish and paints.

*Catalog pages of the Liquid Level Control relays are attached .
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