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When ATS01 is supplied with the input voltage, There is a voltage on the output terminals , without connecting the motor and without giving the run command , Is that normal ?

When ATS01 is supplied by L1, L2 and L3 and there is no RUN command and/or no motor, you have a voltage on the output. This voltage is not able to start the motor. In fact we have this voltage is through the RC (capacitor and resistor) protection of the thyristor and this output voltage is nearly same as supply voltage.

Without connecting motor supply the power ATS01 L1, L2, L3 without giving RUN command(LI1 and LI2 = OFF) then output voltage nearly same as input voltage.

Caution: When L1 L2 L3 is supplied without Motor, nobody should not touch the output phase .

This is probably the reason we never recommend the direct connection of the ATS with the Power source and you need to have a contactor and/or Circuit breaker inline.


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