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How can i upadte the M340 firmware?

First you need to download the required firmware version then do the below steps attached in the document

Here are the steps in brief
- Double click on the “patcher.bat” file
- In a command prompt window, the following text is displayed: NOE IP address?
- Type the IP address of the NOE:  e.g. and then Enter
- Then appears the following message: Connecting to…
- If connection is possible then it displays the following message (checking if the NOE needs to be patched):  Checking...
- If the patch is not needed then it displays the following message and finishes the process:
Patch not needed!
- Otherwise it displays the following message and finishes the process by patching the NOE:
Patch is done!

Important notes

• After the Patch is done and before resetting the NOE, launch the UnityLoader and connect it to the NOE: the NOE can be upgraded.

• The Patch is only a temporary one (RAM): if you reset the module before upgrading it, the Patch is lost, and the module gets back to initial state before patching.

• Do not power off during the Patch and before upgrading it.


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