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I have fluair panel,at summer heat rises that may affect theprotection relay sepam so in order to keep temperature safe limit, what to use air conditioning system or ventilation system ?

Regarding SEPAM relay in specific, it is designed to operate at temperatures between -25 and +70. Since its location is on the low voltage compartment door, we do not assume you have to worry about its temperature rise and you will find an attached document regarding to typical enviromental characteristics for SEPAM

Regarding to the temperature rise

If we have doubt regarding some electrical equipment that might face a temperature rise problem, we must first gather information about the real situation of the site conditions (average & maximum ambient temperature, humidity...etc.).

In case of Switchgear Equipment (e.g. Fluair F200 or F300), we must keep in mind that according to IEC standards, the normal ambient temperature at which the equipment can deliver its rated current is 40 C.

Hence if you measured the site ambient temperature (i.e. temperature outside the enclosure of the equipment) and found its average higher than 40 C please consult us as some de-rating of the components might be necessary to secure equipment life.

we have to keep in mind also that (applying de-ration) does not assume the use of forced ventilation and air conditioning systems,

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