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How to Embed a Web Browser on a graphic page in Vijeo Citect? (Applies To: CitectSCADA 6.xx, 7.0)

The following method would allow you to embed a web browser to a graphic page to view the desired web page.


IEnavigate ( STRING sANnumber , STRING sURL ) ; //Enter AN number and website on button eg IEnavigate

("AN207", " ")

OBJECT oBrowser = ObjectByName ( sANnumber ) ; //Gets the handle of the Active X object and put

it into a cicode variable called oBrowser

_ObjectCallMethod ( oBrowser , "navigate" , sURL ) ; //Using "navigate" parameters put the URL

specified in the button into sURL


1.      Add the “Microsoft Web Browser” Active X to the page. In the LocationURL properties add sURL to the Associate property box

2. In run time press button to show the webpage.

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