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How can we use the HMI on the ATV71 remotely i.e to put the HMI on the door of the enclosure instead of the drive itself?

in order to generate this option,the following accessories are available:
 -A remote mounting kit (2) for mounting on an enclosure door with IP 54 degree of
protection, including:
  v All the mechanical fi ttings
  Fixing accessories
 -A transparent door (3 )which attaches to the remote mounting mechanism to
achieve IP 65 degree of protection
- A preassembled cordset (4) with two RJ45 connectors for connecting the graphic
display terminal to the Altivar 71 drive (1, 3, 5 or 10 metres long)
 -A female/female RJ45 adaptor (5) for connecting the graphic display terminal
VW3 A1 101 to the remote-mounting cordset VW3 A1 104 R...

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