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What is the the type of connection used to connect BaNet MS/TP devices ?

MS/TP allows for only daisy-chained network topologies. Star and Ring networks are not supported.
The b4920 network controller or gateway can be used to initiate the MS/TP network.
NOTE: In network illustrations in this section, the b4920 controller can also be a bCX1 40x0
Daisy Chain Configuration
Daisy chained configurations consist of a single cable that is routed to the first controller then to
the next, and so on. A simple daisy chain RS-485 is illustrated below:

In this configuration you can have as many as 127 controllers or “nodes” on the network. There is a
limitation, however, of 4000 feet (1200 m) before some sort of repeater is needed. Terminators
(120Ù) are required at each end of the network.
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