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What is the difference between both ref of Modbus RS485 cables : "50965" # "TSXCSA100 ?

50965 :-  Modbus Communication for Circuit Breakers,Compact NSX, Compact NS and Masterpact NT/NW Circuit Breakers.
                 with 2 pairs of shielded twisted.

TSXCSA100 :- UNI-TELWAY Or Modbus cable :-  RS 485 double shielded twisted pair Modbus cable Supplied without connector.

I can say that for practical purposes both cables are equal.
Cable selection depending on the PLC communication and application used.

Keep the Modbus cable separated from the power cables (30 cm (11.8 in.) minimum).

Make any crossovers of the Modbus cable and the power cables at right-angles, if necessary.
For more information, please refer to the TSX DG KBL E manual: “Electromagnetic compatibility of industrial 
networks and fieldbuses”.
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