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when I upload from twido suite this message appears : the currently connected twido controller does not match the project in progress the request transfer will erase the animation table

There are three possibilities: Please check all the possibilities mentioned below:

- Problem with PLC
- Problem with application
- Problem with the PC

1. Problem with Twido PLC:
Please check in your particular Twido PLC (where you are facing this error), whether you are able to perform firmware version update process.

NOTE: From analysis, we can say that when a user met the error message mentioned by you in his Twido Controller, he faces difficulty in upgrading Twido firmware version. (the unit had faulty memory)
If you can upgrade the firmware probably it fixed this problem so please try upload again.

2. Problem with application:
Please check your application. Try to write a simple application & try to download the program in your particular Twido controller & check whether you are facing the same error.
NOTE: From analysis, we can say that, this error is not linked to Program application. Generally, if a user faces the error mentioned by you, whenever he tries to download any sort of application in that particular Twido, error still persist.

3. Problem with the PC.
Please check whether you are able to communicate your PC ( Download application ) to other spare Twido PLCs or any other PLC you are presently having.

NOTE: From analysis, we can say that this error is not linked to PC. We hope, if you have any other spare Twido PLC, you will be able to communicate your PC with that spare Twido PLC.

Analysis of problem suggests that it not a generalized problem in Twido controllers. Only in particular lot of Twido controllers, some customer has met this problem. This error is caused by a bad RAM memory in the Twido.
This is an internal hardware problem & our R & D Team is aware of it.

We request you to check all the steps mentioned above & if you are able to avoid this error, it is good & if you still faces this error problem, we advise you to return the particular Twido PLC to expertise for (RTE) analysis with Date of manufacturing & Serial Number information.

If your Twido controller is under warranty period, please request for replacement of the Twido controller.

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