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Can LT4760M7A or LR97D25M7 substitute LT6P0M005FM?

The LT6 was a multifunction relays with a communication capability and provided multiple configurable current related protection functions.

Thermal overload ( inverse thermal / definite type), Jam protection,Current phase failure protection, long start, current phase imbalance etc are some of the examples.

The communication capability ensures the remote monitoring and control of the Feeder . There were also digital inputs and outputs provided for the local and optimum control of the feeder.

The LR97on the other hand is just Overcurrent relay which work only on the Definite time principle and most of the value added protection/s e.g. Jam / long start /phase failure etc has limited or no configuration capability.

The LT47 just works as an Overcurrent relay with definite time principle and does not even have any any added value protection functions.

There is no communication , metering, monitoring and input , outputs etc avaible on LR97 and LT47 .Thus givng a limited scope of comparison for with LT6 or Tesys T, the products are from different genre.

I have attached a document that clearly explains the replacement of LT6 with a Tesys T

The replacement for the LT6P0M005FM with an equivalent Tesys T depends on the current rating.

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