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What are the applications of electronic over current relay LR97D &LT47 ?

LR97 D and LT47 relays are particularly suitable for the following applications:
Monitoring function for excessively long starting time on machines with a risk of difficult starting:
Machines with high resistive torque, high inertia machines.
Monitoring of machines during steady state operation: overtorque detection function
Machines with strong risk of jamming, machines with torque build-up over time,
Mechanical failure monitoring,
Faster detection of malfunctioning on machines where the motor is oversized in relation to its
thermal protection I²t.
Motor protection for specific applications:
Machines with long starting times,
Machines with high on-load factor: more than 30 to 50 starts/hour,
Machine with fluctuating load from a steady state, where the thermal image of a thermal
overload relay (thermal memory) is unsuitable in relation to actual overheating of the motor.
Examples of machines:
Conveyors, crushers and mixers,
Fans, pumps and compressors,
Centrifuges and spin-dryers,
Presses, shearing machines, saws, broaching machines, sanders and lifting hoists.
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