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What is the difference between RAM and Flash Memory of the PLC ?

The working principle of RAM is quite simple: it uses electric power to read and write data. Although it delivers incredible speeds, its main drawback is that it constantly needs power in order to keep the data stored. 

For Flash Memory
Flash memory works pretty much like RAM, but instead of constantly using electric power to retain the data, it stores it to capacitors. The advantage of being able to keep the data even when not powered is great but a disadvantage is the speed as it takes longer to store data to flash memory.

That is why when “Mem Prt On” is activated; the application in Flash memory is not transferred to internal RAM in order to protect the data from loss. If the data were ready to be transferred to the RAM (“Mem Prt Off”) it would be lost when the power goes off; a warm restart of the application is triggered.

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