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Can I Monitor and Control the Zelio Logic (Smart Relays) remotely through the Mobile Phone ?

Yes, you can remotely control and monitor the Zelio Logic (Smart Relays) through your Mobile Phone.
  • Monitoring of lift pumps, livestock buildings (ventilation, feed level, etc.),refrigeration units, car-washes,
  • Alarm in the event of failure of industrial or domestic heating boilers.
  • Remote control of lighting: car parks, warehouses.
  • Remote control and monitoring of escalators in large stores, in the transport sector,
  • Refuse compactor full alert.
The communication range comprises:
  • a communication interface connected between a smart relay and a Modem,
  • GSM (1) or analogue (PSTN) (2) modems,
  • “Zelio Logic Alarm” software.
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