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Is there a relay that protects against " Loss of excitation " ?

TesysT has the protection feature against the Loss of machine excitation. The causes of loss machine excitation are:-
- Significant drop in the excitation current
- Drop in Power factor

The following are the effects of these causes:-
- Increase in the active power
- Drop in Power factor

Tesys T ( LTMR + LTMEV) has the protection against both these effects and it gives warning or faults as per the settings of threshold values for these features. 

See attached catalog page of Tesys T which mentions the causes and effects of loss of machines excitation. Also, check the pages of User manual which mentions the protection against these effect.

Please note that for these protection, the LTMR with extension LTMEV ia a must ,as its calculates the power and power factor for the circuit.
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