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After an Auto Tuning trial for my ATV312, I can't change any of the Drive settings or update any of the drive menus , What is the Problem ?

This may be due to drive Locking.

When the auto-tuning trial is unsuccessful for your drive, the drive is Automatically locked by the auto tuning fault management (tnl==Yes) due to the ( [AUTO TUNING FAULT] (tnF) indication.
So, to un-lock the Drive configurations modification, you can use any of the following codes according to your case:

·         In case of: No Preset Password: [MONITORING] (SUP-) menu ----> (COd) function ----> [OFF].

·         In case of: Preset Password: [MONITORING] (SUP-) menu ----> (COd) function ----> [On] ----> enter the password (incrementing the display using the jog dial) and press ENT. The password remains on the display and access is unlocked until the next time the drive is turned off. Access will be locked again the next time the drive is turned on.

·         In case of: Forgotten Password :  [MONITORING] (SUP-) menu  ---->  (COd) function ----> [On]  ----> enter the Master password6969’ which resets your forgotten password and opens access to all parameters (incrementing the display using the jog dial) and press ENT.

If the Lock still exists, thanks to check the Access locking switch position as in the picture below:

Note: Protection via customer confidential code has priority over the switch.
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