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What is the SIS Gateway ? is there any technical data for it ?

Substation Controller (SIS Gateway)

The database concentrator of industrial networks

Basic functionalities:

· Database concentration : each TCP client (supervisors, PLC…) connected to the gateway which has its

database to optimise its own needs,

· Protocol conversion : bi-directional interface between some serial type networks and an Ethernet network,

· Availability of communication with terminal equipment : management of communication with the bicontroller

RTU and Substation Controller redundancy,

· Time tagging of information from RTU which does not offer this functionality,

· Duplication of time tagged events from RTU for each TCP subscriber,

· Crossing mode with frame priority access from TCP client,

· Acquisition of information from RTU (less or equal to128 RTU),

· File configuration tool for Gateway setting,

· Serials channels are independent and used in parallel (less or equal to 16 RS Ports),

· Web server integrated enabling to access to communication diagnostics, internal variable status,

· Simulated mode: RTU , Internal Database modification, Avalanche, control…..

For more information : see attached file .

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