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Can ATV 61 supplied using DC Sources (battery, solar panel, DC generator etc...)?

Yes, ATV61 can be supplied from DC sources (battery, solar panel, DC generator etc...) but necessary protection measures should be taken accordingly. 

The rules are following: 

1. Nominal DC bus voltage is 1.414 (sqrt(2)) times higher than AC line voltage.

For example if your ATV61 drive is N4 (means 380-480V AC) then adequate range of DC voltage is 537 - 678V DC. See more limits in under voltage and overvoltage management in programming manual. 

2. ATV61 contains DC capacitors that require charging process when power on. If you use other ATV61 or 71 (bigger size) as DC supply, you will need to connect their DC buses together, but only when DC buses of both ATVs are completely discharged. Otherwise big inrush current will flow from one ATV to another. 
If you use other DC source to supply ATV61, keep in mind that size above 18kW requires limitation for charging current, either by current limiting (if your DC source can do this) or using pre-charging circuit consisting of pre-charging resistor + contactor. 
3. Do not forget to add DC fuse in each polarity: One in Positive (+) and one in Negative ( - ) pole. 
4. Disable input phase loss in ATV configuration. 
5. If you supply from solar panel, there is a possibility of heavy change in DC voltage due to change in sun light, which should be monitored and controlled by external protection devices. 

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