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Why I Can’t Reset My XPSMC safety controller output ?

There are some Steps that should be done to make sure of the cause of the problem.

Thanks to check the following steps :

·         Auto-test (hardware test):

You can reset the configuration of an XPSMC as follows: Disconnect the XPSMC from power supply, press and hold the Reset button while you reconnect the 

XPSMC to the power supply. The configuration will no longer be valid however, it is possible to read the configuration from the controller on the computer and revalidate the configuration.




The LEDs located on the housing light up.


After 2 seconds, the LEDs switch off for a short time and then on again, since the
Reset button is pressed.


Release the Reset button.

  • PWR LED is on
  • CNF LED is flashing
  • Remaining LEDs are off

If the Problem still Exsists , this may due to any of the following:




E In


Internal Error
Lights up if an internal error is detected. The safety outputs are immediately deactivated. If the indication is persistent after power cycle and reset then the XPSMC has been damaged and must be replaced.

E Ex


External Error
Lights up when an external error is detected, for example in the wiring. Only the safety outputs of the affected inputs are deactivated. When the detected error has been corrected, and the RESET button has been pressed, the corresponding safety outputs become operational again.


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