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Why my HMI(XBTGT7340) has no history for all trends when storage type is (SRAM & FILE) ?

“SRAM and File" option means: when you reach configured amount of records in SRAM (number of records in SRAM is configured in data logging group), these records are moved to file, which will be stored on secondary drive or optional drive. 

With the XBTGT7340 its CF card as a secondary drive and USB flash drive as an optional drive. 
To check the selected data location, go to target properties\Data Locations\Runtime data locations. (Default setting is Secondary Drive). 
If the selected storage device (CF, USB flash drive) is missing, then you cannot access the files with historical data and you will see only the records which are stored in SRAM. 
If you have CF card or USB flash drive and you still cannot read/write logged records, try to reformat (fat32) the memory.

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