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How to calculate the current accuracy of meter PM710 and PM810?

The current measurement accuracy of PM700 series including PM710 is guaranteed as 0.5% of reading value when the reading value is between 20% and 120% of current rated value. According to the Reference Manual, this accuracy is applicable for the current rated value of the device between 1 and 6 A. It is available for all wiring diagrams
The accuracy is applicable only to the device itself and does not cover the external diagram accuracy.
If you encounter errors bigger than 0.5% of 1 to 6 A I recommend you to read the annexed troubleshooting chapter to find out the real cause of those errors.

For PM800 Related to the accuracy , let me give you the following example :

As per the catalog : the current range is from 1A to 10 A , and the voltage
range is from 50V to 277V...

When we calculate the accuracy , we consider 2 parts , the actual
reading and the full scale reading and the full scale reading for currents
and voltage in PM800 are 10A and 600VAC LL respectively.

When the current is for example 1A and the voltage is 50 V :

The current accuracy is :

[ (actual reading *0.075% + full scale*0.025%) / actual reading] =

[ ( 1A * 0.075%+ 10A * 0.025% / 1] = 0.325%

The voltage accuracy is :

[ 50V * 0.075% + 600 * 0.025%)/50] = 0.375%

The above formulas are available in the PM800 manual

so the actual accuracy of 0.325% and 0.375% are for the lowest value of accuracy at the range of 1A to 10A and 50V to 277V respectively
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