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How can I OFF the overload protection by using LT rating plug off?

There are 4 types of Long time rating plugs :
1. Standard (0.4 to 1 x Ir), Ref: 33542
2. Low-Setting option (0.4 to 0.8 x Ir), Ref: 33543
3. High-Setting option (0.8 to 1 x Ir), Ref: 33544
4. Without long time protection (OFF) Ref: 33545

So when the requirement is to switch off the long time rating, you can replace the long time rating plug or while ordering order the long time rating plug 33545. Just by unscrewing a small screw (7) as per the attached catalogue page you can pull out the long time rating plug and replace it will any of the above references depending on your requirement .
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