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We experience problems in developing the communication channel between MiCom Px20s (P123 & P220) and S1 through front port serial communication.

Please focuse first to the conncetion parameters settings and connection port of your PC. 
If you use PC with Micom S1 Studio direct connected to the front panel port of the relay and do a quick connection to relay, you need to setup the connection parameters. 
Password, do not change, keep it default. 
COM Port is the com port of your PC. Default is COM 1. If you use other (USB or other port) you need to specify which is. 
Boud rate you can keep default 19200 or change to 9600. 
Device address default is 1, but if you've changed by HMI specify the correct address. 
Parity is Even by default but you need to check if PC COM port is setup with default Even parity. 

Please focuse on the connection between PC and relay and on the settings of your laptop rather than on relay itself. 
If the connection is correct and the settings are correct, relay will answer. 

Mind bellow notes: 

PC: Command blocking 003 182 
When command blocking is activated, commands are rejected from the PC interface. 
PC: Sig./meas.val.block. 003 086 
When signal and measured value blocking is activated, no signals or measured data are transmitted through the PC interface 
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