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How to trace a Fault in Altivar 78 (ATV 78) ?

When a fault is detected by the Variable Speed Drive control electronics, the drive is stopped and the symbol F together with the ordinal number of the fault, the fault code and a short fault description appear  on the display. The fault can be reset with the resetbutton on the control keypad or via the I/O terminal. The faults are stored in the Fault history menu (M5) which can be browsed. The different fault codes you will find in the Attached Document (ATV 78- Fault Tracing). 
The fault codes, their causes and correcting actions are presented in the table below. The shadowed faults  are A faults only. The items written in white on black background present faults for which you can program different responses in the application. See parameter group Protections. 
Note: When contacting distributor or factory because of a fault condition, always write down all texts and codes on the keypad display.
For more info, thanks to check the attached compressed file (ATV
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