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What is the difference between TSXBATM02 and TSXBATM01 ?

The comparison is below:


Battery Reference




SRAM PCMCIA Replacement Main Battery

SRAM PCMCIA High Capacity Replacement Main Battery

Unity Compatibility

Not Unity Compatible


PL7 Compatibility

Compatible with PL7 (YELLOW or GREEN)* Only

Not PL7 Compatible, use TSXBATM01

*  :To help differentiate the various generations of PCMCIA card, color coding has been used. The color coding means the following:

YELLOW PCMCIA Only compatible with PL7 software.

GREEN PCMCIA Introduced in order to offer compatibility between Unity v1 and PL7. These cards were an interim offer available up until the end of October 2004.

BLUE PCMCIA Available with the introduction of Unity v2. These cards are compatible with both PL7 and Unity and replace both the yellow and green PCMCIA cards (available from 01/11/2004).

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