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How to connect the ATV312HU40N4 to XMLG010D21 sensor in order to operate the VSD directly through the sensor's output signal ?

The pressure sensor XMLG is of 2 wire connection; The (+ve inp)  wire is going to be connected to an input voltage of +24VDC and the other wire (output) is gong to be connected to the ATV312 Drive to the (slot AI3), So The speed can be varied depending on the Analog current output of the sensor.

Then, to configurate the Drive to work under this situation, Press on (Mode) button > choose (Ctl) > Press (Fr1) > choose (AI3) and make a long Press...

So, Now under any pressure from 0...10 bar (pressure setting range), A signal is going to be sent to the Drive to control its speed depending on the value of Analog output current (4-20mA)
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