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How to determine the dimensions of an enclosure to ensure efficient cooling of a VSD?

1- Get the Power dissipated by the drive (specific to each drive)
2- Get Maximum thermal resistance Rth (°C/W)
Rth = (θ- θe)/P
θ = maximum temperature inside enclosure in °C
θe = maximum external temperature in °C
P = total power dissipated in the enclosure in W
Power dissipated by drive
3- Add the power dissipated by the other equipment components.
4- Get the Useful heat dissipation surface of enclosure S (m2)
(sides + top + front panel if wall-mounted)
S= K/Rth
K = enclosure thermal resistance per m2
For a metal enclosure:
- K = 0.12 with internal fan
- K = 0.15 without fan
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