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Is there a way to measure the level of the fluid in the tanks at any time, not just to adjust minimum and maximum thresholds ?

The ultrasonic sensor seems to fit this application, but we have to take into consideration the following:
1)Tanks design and where the sensor will be installed.
2) sesing distance 
3) Analoguue/Digital output

If you do not have a PLC system instaled so we needed to get the sensors readings on an HMI, who's input is the same as the ooutput of the sensor.

1) sensors with sensing distance  up to 2m
   a) Analogue output (0 .. 10V)  
    i) XX930A2A1M12 
    ii) XX930A2A1230M12
  b) Analogue output (4 ..20mA)
     i) XX930A2A2M12
     ii) XX930A2A2230M12
2) Sensors with sensing distance up to 8m
  a) Analogue output (0 ..10V)
    i) XX930A3A1M12
  b) Analogue output (4 .. 20mA)
    i) XX930A3A2M12
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