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When ALTIVAR 71(V5.7 IEXX) is connected with Powersuite V2.6. Software it display message:"The remote device version is not supported", although the Powersuite Software version is updated to Patch 5 .

 1. The Powersuite Software is obsolete, thus it is supporting up to drive version V2.5 IEXX only.

2. However, your ATV71 drive version is V5.7 IEXX, hence the drive software version is not supported with Power suite software and it will give the error mentioned above.

3. Accordingly, You may download the Somove Lite software from our internet to configure and monitor the drive. The mentioned ATV71 drive software version is supported with Somove Lite software.

>> The Somove can be downloaded from the following link:

4. According to the Cable Reference:
>> The cable "TCSMCNAM3M002P" (RJ45 to USB cable) should be used to connect the drive with PC / Laptop.

TCSMCNAM3M002P datasheet

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