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How to reset the Twido PLC to Factory settings, so I can re-new the IP Address?

find attached file.

1.       Connect an ethernet crossover cable directly from a PC to Twido

2.       Configure your PC's network connection to "automatically obtain IP address"

3.       Launch Wireshark and click on the first button on the tool bar "List the available capture interfaces..."

4.       Click the Start button next to the appropriate interface of your network card (this will vary depending on the manufacture of your PC).

5.       Wireshark will now start listing/capturing every packet it sees on the network.

6.       While Wireshark is capturing the packets, Power cycle the Twido.

7.       When the Twido boots, it will issue an Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packet across the network. Wireshark will capture the ARP calls and display them in the list

8.       Click the "Stop the running live capture" button after sufficient time has passed for the Twido to fully boot

9.       Look under the "Protocol" column for packets that show ARP. If you are connected directly with a crossover cable, there should only be two devices giving ARP calls, your PC and the Twio. The Twido "Source" will start with "Telemeca _"

10.    Under the "Info" column, the Twido will show "Who has". This is the IP address of the twido
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