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what is the function of FDM121 unit and what is the main characteristics of it ?

An FDM121 switchboard display unit can be connected to a Micrologic trip unit using a prefabricated cord to display all measurements on a screen. The result is a veritable 96 x 96 mm Power Meter. In addition to the information displayed on the Micrologic LCD, the FDM121 screen shows demand, power quality and maximeter/minimeter values along with alarms, histories and maintenance indicators.

The FMD121 display unit requires a 24 V DC power supply. The Micrologic trip unit is supplied by the same power supply via the cord connecting it to the FDM121

Main characteristics :
1-96 x 96 x 30 mm screen requiring 10 mm behind the door (or 20 mm when the

2-24 volt power supply connector is used).

3-White backlighting.

4-Wide viewing angle: vertical ±60°, horizontal ±30°.

5-High resolution: excellent reading of graphic symbols.

6-Alarm LED: flashing orange for alarm pick-up, steady orange after operator reset if

7-Operating temperature range -10 °C to +55 °C.

8- CE / UL marking.

9-24 V DC power supply, with tolerances 24 V -20 % (19.2 V) to 24 V +10 % (26.4 V).

When the FDM121 is connected to the communication network, the 24 V is supplied by the communication system wiring system.

10- Consumption 40 mA

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