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What is the difference between short terminal and long terminal shields ?

1-Short terminal shields

They are used with:

a-      plug-in and withdrawable versions in all connection configurations

b-      fixed versions with rear connection.

2-Long terminal shields

They are used for front connection with cables or insulated bars.

They comprise two parts assembled with captive screws, forming an IP40 cover.

a-      The top part is equipped with sliding grids with break marks for precise adaptation

             to cables or insulated bars.

b-      The rear part completely blocks off the connection zone. Partially cut squares can

             be removed to adapt to all types of connection for cables with lugs or copper bars.

            Long terminal shields may be mounted upstream and downstream of:

c-       fixed devices

d-     the base of plug-in and withdrawable versions, thus completing the insulation

            provided by the mandatory short terminal shields on the device

e-      the one-piece spreader for NSX100 to 250

f-       the 52.5 mm spreaders for NSX400/630

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