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What are the main restrictions for connecting parallel motors on a single drive ?

The key point for connecting motors in parallel & controlling by a single drive is that the drive nominal current must be >= greater than or equal to the sum of the currents of the motors to be controlled (also 10% can be added as safety factor)
In drive > In1 + In2...Inx

Also  the following must be taken into consideration
1- Motor thermal protection is not guaranteed by drive. So, we recommend to install Thermal overload relay in accordance with motor rating individually for each motor in between VFD output and Motor.
2-Total cable length would be the sum of individual cable distance form drive to motor. So, while installing it is important to know the total cable distance at your site of installation. If increased you should go for motor choke/sinus filter according to the length
3- Use V/F
4- The auxiliary contacts on the overload relays should be connected in series and connected to an Emergency Stop so that if one overload opens, the drive shuts down.

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